getting started

AdaptiveWeb team is "Shaping the Net" to develop an innovative Intelligent Adaptation and Personalization Web-based System that is based on a Comprehensive User Profiling, incorporating not only the "traditional" user characteristics (i.e. name, age, education, experience, profession, etc.), but other intrinsic values of the user such as user perceptual preferences (visual, cognitive and emotional processing parameters).

latest research and development

Main aim of our current research is to implement and evaluate a dynamic Web-based framework, called SenseWeb, for achieving Personalization and Adaptation on the Web based on human factors applied in the mass service market. SenseWeb will be an easy to use framework enabling any entity, Web designer and/or developer to enhance their Web environments (technology and language independent) with innovative adaptation mechanisms that will adapt Web objects according to users’ cognitive typologies and emotional states.

More specifically, given the users’ individual differences, the same service content provided by an organization will be reconstructed and delivered differently based on the users’ profile typologies. This way, we will increase information assimilation, accuracy on cognitive targets’ searching activities and consequently enhance acceptability of the On-line services.



We’ve created an extensive resource library of our scientific publications, code samples and evaluation results for researchers, developers and designers to help make it easier understand what our research (SCRAT Group) is all about.

Scientific Results

Source Codes

  • Code samples for integrating smart objects into your web applications (currently not available)
  • Firefox Browser extension (currently not available)



University of Cyprus
National & Kapodistrian
University of Athens